Black Fern Declaration

To Whom It May Concern:

ORA Innovation Group Ltd - Declaration 

This is a letter to confirm that the owners of the brand 'Black Fern' in the skincare category has COPIED our branding, designs and wording from our Brand "Ora" for their new brand of Black Fern.

12 months ago we were supplying our Brand "Ora" to the owners of the new Black Fern range (MS SUN HUI). They soon set about trying to duplicate our branding, our colour range and our wording… in a effort to promote their new brand Black Fern.  

The ingredients of their new Black Fern range… I do not know what is made up in this ingredient and cannot confirm what they claim it will do for your skin.  

We did find the Black Fern range in a retail store here in Auckland.  They immediately denied they had any knowledge of the ‘copy rights’ of our range and were very embarrassed to know they had a ‘COPIED’ brand in their store.

We are disappointed with MS SUN HUI attitude and treatment of our company … ORA Innovation Group Ltd, an authentic Maori and New Zealand Brand.  

We wish to highlight what has happened to educate people on our beautiful and authentic brand ‘Ora’ and the difference of the black fern brand.

Nga mihi nui,   Warm Greetings

Tessa Davis


ORA Innovation Group Ltd