Containing three of our best loved products — Mamaku Revival Gel, Mamaku Cooling Body Mist, and Mamaku Hand Cream with Manuka Honey - Includes three sachets to share with your family and friends.

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Containing our very special Mamaku Exfoliating Scrub and Mamaku Body Cream, these products will leave skin deliciously fragrant, revitalised and soft. Special gift - Includes three sachets to share with your family and friends.

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Combining our soothing Mamaku Revival Gel and nourishing Mamaku Hand Cream with Manuka Honey, this is the perfect for those who love the outdoors. Smooth dry, damaged skin and tired hands with this beautiful collection...

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About Ora

For generations, Māori people of Aotearoa have sourced natural ingredients from Papatūanuku — our revered earth mother — to help heal and nurture. But these traditions have remained part of our heritage, our culture, and our whānau — until now.

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"I was given some Mamaku Revival Gel from Patsy King when she had seen my baby boy had really bad cradle cap. Which he had for a good few months. I had been using other oils and creams to help with the dryness. I thought this gel would help with this too. But after using Mamaku Revival Gel for 4 days, not only did it help with dryness it completely healed my sons cradle cap. Wow I  was so pleased.  I can honestly say I am so happy with this amazing product."

Alice May Broughton

"Just thought you may like to know that I used the Manaku Gel to sooth a number of wasp stings I got on my feet and legs after disturbing a nest on our property. I used white vinegar for the sting but could not find anything that would reduce the swelling and the itch until I used the Gel which worked straight away. Thanks guys."

Glenys Lynn

"I’m a true believer in the healing qualities of the Mamaku Revival Gel. I have always had sensitive skin and have been blown away at how well ORA products nourish my skin."

Holly Phillips

"I've been among the lucky few that have been on the journey with ORA in testing and refining their world class skincare range. What they have created is a truly unique and beautifully luxurious product. I use the their body range twice a day and can't wait for their facial range to come out. Their Mamaku Gel is my pick of the bunch and is of such high quality, I use on my face rather than body. I have seen a dramatic improvement in the smoothness and brightness of my skin which is testament to the healing properties of Mamaku. Thanks for formulating such a fabulous product that is natural and that works!"

Rachel Wark